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Taxation of transactions with cryptocurrency in Ukraine

The idea that cryptocurrency is not recognized as an official currency, and therefore the sale an...

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Changes in the tax law of Cyprus

Cyprus, like other foreign jurisdictions, periodically, makes legislative changes to the tax syst...

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Blocking of registration of tax invoices. How to protect your rights in court?

The procedure for appealing against the blocking of registration of tax invoices in the Unified R...

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How buyer of goods/services can protect their rights when the seller was refused in registration ...

Let's consider two situations:
1. A seller tried to register a tax voucher. The registration of th...

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Procedures of the acquisition of assets of the company, corporate rights, property complexes, mergers and acquisitions, the involvement of additional investments, company reorganization should be accompanied by due dilligance which helps to forsee new business possibilities.

«allTax» advisors make the following types of due diligence:

tax due diligence;

legal due diligence;

financial due diligence.

Tax due diligence:

analysis of tax documents of the company;

identification violations of tax laws by the company;

risk assessment of the existence of arrears of the company;

risk assessment of possible legal proceedings regarding violation of tax legislation;

risk assessment of the existence of other arrears such as mandatory payments to the budget (pension, social security taxes, etc.);

risks assessment of possible penalties that could be applied to the company for possible tax law violations;

legal predicting of the possible results of existing trials on tax matters;

risk assessment of possible unscheduled tax audits of the company;

analysis of the company on the base of tax transparency and ethics, through the identification of "doubtful" partners and "doubtful" transactions.

Legal due diligence (due diligence):

analysis of legal documentation of the company (articles of association, minutes, orders, etc.);

analysis of licenses and permits of the companies and the possibility of their extraplaned termination;

analysis of the staff documents of the company (employment agreements/contracts with management and workers, work rules, etc.);

legal due dilligance of existing trials and prediction of their possible results;

legal advise on contracts with partners and contractors, and the possible risks of their termination with the help of the court;

legal advice of the procedure of the company’s authorised capital augmentation and reduction;

legal audit of the risks of the possible disputes regarding property of a company;

analysis of the legality of the acquisition of companies’ property and corporate rights of the company (securities, real estate, trade marks);

analysis of the legality of the appointment of the companies’s management (directors, top managers, CEOs, the supervisory board, the audit committee, etc.);

legal audit of the encumbered property and corporate rights of the company (loans, mortgage, etc.);

legal audit of the legality of an ownership of the intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, etc.) and their possible abatement.

Additional services:

registration of enterprises;

reorganization of the enterprise through mergers and acquisitions, etc.;

liquidation of the enterprise including bankruptcy;

registration of trade marks (TM), including patents;

the issue of shares of a company;

solution of corporate disputes;

antitrust and regulatory authorization and approvals;

obtaining licenses for certain activities.

allTax legal and tax advisers has built a legally effective system of protection of our company from unfriendly "raider’s seizure" of real estate assets, skillfully conducted a set of legal measures in the court. As a consequence, a positive result was achieved for our company, the "raider’s attack" on a large real estate object was successfully terminated. Roman Pashkevich, Olytske RPT