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Taxation of transactions with cryptocurrency in Ukraine

The idea that cryptocurrency is not recognized as an official currency, and therefore the sale an...

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Changes in the tax law of Cyprus

Cyprus, like other foreign jurisdictions, periodically, makes legislative changes to the tax syst...

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Blocking of registration of tax invoices. How to protect your rights in court?

The procedure for appealing against the blocking of registration of tax invoices in the Unified R...

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How buyer of goods/services can protect their rights when the seller was refused in registration ...

Let's consider two situations:
1. A seller tried to register a tax voucher. The registration of th...

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Doing business was always accompanied by tax audits and penalties for lawbreakers. Legal settlement of tax disputes is one of the “allTax” law firm functions.

Practice shows that sometimes we can cancel tax fines with the help of administrative or court appeal only.

We use complex methods to solve tax disputes.

Pre-trial tax dispute settlement includes:

legal analysis of the documents which were the base for the tax penalties;

tax documents examination in order to reduce the possibility of tax penalties application;

tax fine legal analysis;

tax due diligence and possible courts results examination;

the appeal preparation to a higher tax authority.

Judicial and legal protection includes:

legal analysis of tax decisions;

preparation of documents for the appeal;

legal documents preparation for the court (statement of claim, etc.);

representation interests of the company in a court on tax cases;

appeal of tax decisions to the Court of Appeal;

representation interests of the companies in the Court of Appeal;

appeal of the court decision (judgment) in the Court of Cassation;

representation of the client’ interests in the Court of Cassation;

The «allTax» lawyers and tax advisers will solve your dispute on the base of the law.

While searching a reliable lawyer in the field of litigation, we changed several law firms, and stopзed our choice at allTax legal and tax advisers. I note that the litigation dispute was complicated and continued for several years. allTax completed the litigation dispute within two months and received a quick victory in a court. Igor Gerey, Sokyrnitsky Zeolit