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Tax audit is a part of the business activity. The Tax Code provides mandatory tax audits for the companies by state authorities every three years. It is normal for companies if they participate more frequently in tax audits that are organized by the Fiscal Service. That is why agreements with the companies that belong to the category of "risk companies", the effecting of suspicious transactions (fiction transactions), the initiation of legal entity reorganization, the liquidation of a legal entity, the discharge of bankruptcy, the usage of hired labor without a labor contract can lead to additional tax audits by the Fiscal Service of your company.

There are different results of tax audits. Some of them concern the cancellation of VAT (value added tax) registration, the cancellation or reduction of a tax credit, the commencement of criminal proceedings against company managers and directors for tax evasion, etc. That is why it is very important to know the rights and obligations during the tax audits, as well as the legal process of its implementation.

«allTax» advisers will help you on the following issues during tax audits:

explanation of clients’ rights and responsibilities before, during and after the tax audit;

analysis of the client's documentation for the purposes of possible violations of the law;

preparation of legal documents during the documentary audits;

analysis of transactions that may lead to extraplanned tax audits;

urgent departure of a tax adviser to the client’s office where the tax audit should be held;

the presence of a tax consultant during the tax audit;

appeal against decisions which were made on the results of tax audits.

«allTax» advisers will help you to make the procedure of tax audits easier.

Due to the professional actions of the experts of allTax legal and tax advisers’, the company managed to return 0.5 million hryvnias. The refund procedure took less than two months. We consider this result to be excellent. When solving this problem, allTax legal and tax advisers’ team recommended themselves as high-level professionals capable to solve difficult tasks in negotiations with banks. They are perfect in the courts of different instances as well. Fedor Vorobiev, Oil Hause