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allTax receives the highest award of Legal 500 EMEA ranking


On April 10, 2019, the leading edition for lawyers Legal 500 EMEA published the annual ranking ...

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Artem Sereda took part in working group of Ministry of Finance on cryptocurrency taxation

On October 23, 2018, by the initiative of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, was gathered a work...

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Tax optimization of an enterprise: the new Tax Code of 2015

The plan of the seminar:
1. Optimization techniques that can be applied in 2015. Methods that are ...

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Taxation of building companies in 2015

Anti-crisis financial instruments and models.
Tax reform of 2015: the legal analysis of legislativ...

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The idea that cryptocurrency is not recognized as an official currency, and therefore the sale and purchase of cryprocurrency shall not be taxed is false. Lets consider the situation in which a physical person who is a resident buys and sells cryptocurrency without mining.

The procedure for appealing against the blocking of registration of tax invoices in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices is regulated by Art. 201.16 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter - TCU). The decision to refuse in the registration of the tax invoice (hereinafter - TI/calculation of the adjustment (hereinafter - CA) in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices (hereinafter referred to as the "URNI") may be appealed in the administrative or judicial way.

Let's consider two situations:
1. A seller tried to register a tax voucher. The registration of the tax voucher was suspended. A seller received an electronic receipt, in which it was proposed to provide additional documents. A seller does not provide additional documents to the tax authorities.
Unfortunately, in such a situation, the buyer can not directly appeal to the administrative court to recognize the actions of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (hereinafter - GFS of Ukraine) as unlawful, in accordance with paragraph 7 of paragraph 201.16.3 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.

Cyprus, like other foreign jurisdictions, periodically, makes legislative changes to the tax system. The latest innovations are related to the corporate income tax. According to the Law of Cyprus "On Income Tax", each Cyprus company must assess the need to file a declaration on the preliminary income tax (IR6), indicating the expected taxable profit for the current year.
If taxable profits are not expected, there is no need to file such a declaration. In the future, on the basis of this declaration, the preliminary tax must be paid in two installments:
The first installment - until July 31, 2017 (this payment can be made until August 31, 2017 without any penalties).