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Taxation of transactions with cryptocurrency in Ukraine

The idea that cryptocurrency is not recognized as an official currency, and therefore the sale an...

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Changes in the tax law of Cyprus

Cyprus, like other foreign jurisdictions, periodically, makes legislative changes to the tax syst...

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Blocking of registration of tax invoices. How to protect your rights in court?

The procedure for appealing against the blocking of registration of tax invoices in the Unified R...

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How buyer of goods/services can protect their rights when the seller was refused in registration ...

Let's consider two situations:
1. A seller tried to register a tax voucher. The registration of th...

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Large companies open their representatives in foreign countries as well as work legally with offshore companies. Abroad companies and offshore companies allow international companies and huge houldings to create a comfortable tax planning system.


clever tax planning;

structuring of the holdings;

protection of the assets ownership;

banks accounts' protection;

confidential ownership of stocks.

Principles of international tax planning:

individual approach to each client which depends on sector of business and the companies’ part in it;

analysis of kinds of taxes that pays the company and its amount;

guarantees of the confidential shares’ ownership;

foreign countries’ taxation consulting;

economic advantage of cooperation with offshore companies and international representatives;

legal and tax audit of the transactions with offshore companies and abroad legal entities;

economic advantage of an international tax planning;

registration of the offshore companies with the help of partners abroad;

legal and tax audit of the cooperation with offshore companies.

“allTax” will help you to create comfortable conditions for your business’ international tax planning!

 allTax partners are best in negotiations. They can excellently hear clients' needs and goals. It helps to reduce the process of the creation of huge investing processes. Gegham Khamenaryan, LNK Group