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allTax advises WayForPay payment system in dispute with National Bank regarding renewal of licens...

The Law "On Payment Services" required payment systems to go through the authorization procedure ...

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allTax receives the highest award of Legal 500 EMEA ranking


On April 10, 2019, the leading edition for lawyers Legal 500 EMEA published the annual ranking ...

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Taxation of transactions with cryptocurrency in Ukraine

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Changes in the tax law of Cyprus

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Tax optimization of an enterprise: the new Tax Code of 2015

The plan of the seminar:
1. Optimization techniques that can be applied in 2015. Methods that are ...

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Taxation of building companies in 2015

Anti-crisis financial instruments and models.
Tax reform of 2015: the legal analysis of legislativ...

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Tobacco and alcohol products are widely used in Ukraine. Therefore these industries are under strict state control. In the last few years the state regulatory policy of the alcohol and tobacco industry has increased significantly. The procedure of obtaining permissions and licenses was changed. A tax burden on the producers and suppliers of excise products was increased, which led to the growth of prices for alcohol and tobacco products. The increase of tax rates on alcohol and tobacco industry forced companies to monitor all the amendments of the tax legislation, in order to control their budget and forecasting the value of production.

«allTax» advisers will help you to:

consultations regarding rates of excise tax;

consultation on the taxation of tobacco products;

consulting regarding ad valorem tax rates;

counseling regarding excise duty on goods originating from the customs territory of Ukraine;

consultations regarding calculation of excise duty on goods imported into the customs territory of Ukraine;

advising on transactions with products which are not subject for taxation;

tax advice regarding import into the customs territory of Ukraine alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;

advising regarding taxation of ethyl alcohol;

advising on payments of company income tax of the alcoholic manufacturers, suppliers and distributors;

counseling on payments of value added tax of companies manufacturers of tobacco products;

consultation on payment of fees for land by producers of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;

tax optimization for manufacturers and dealers of alcohol and tobacco products;

tax and legal assistance during tax audits;

court appeal against the results of tax audits;

advice on taxation of royalties.

Additional services:

holding of a stockholders’ meetings of companies, preparing documentation for the shareholders’ meeting (changes in regulations, minutes of meetings, etc.);

preparation of internal documentation of companies (job descriptions, orders, internal regulations);

legal support of export of alcohol and tobacco products;

preparation of contracts for distribution (sale) of alcohol and tobacco products;

legal protection of the intellectual property rights (brands).

Due to the professional actions of the experts of allTax legal and tax advisers’, the company managed to return 0.5 million hryvnias. The refund procedure took less than two months. We consider this result to be excellent. When solving this problem, allTax legal and tax advisers’ team recommended themselves as high-level professionals capable to solve difficult tasks in negotiations with banks. They are perfect in the courts of different instances as well. Fedor Vorobiev, Oil Hause