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Modern technologies promote relations with people to a new level. The emergence of the Internet and non-cash payments has made it possible to accelerate the development of society and business in general. Now, the business world is going through a period of active development of Blockchain-technologies. Legal support of Blockchain-projects was caused by the need to carry out legally the activities of mining and trading with cryptocurrencies, and also to build transparent and legal "Bitcoin-farms".

Experts of allTax legal and tax advisers own expertise in the following area:

taxation of cryptocurrency;

taxation of traders of cryptocurrency;

taxation of "Bitcoin-farms" with value-added tax, profit tax, personal income tax;

taxation of individual-entrepreneurs who deal with operations with cryptocurrencies.

Additional services for customers in the field of Blockchain-technologies:

construction of legal and transparent Bitcoin-farms;

selection of the taxation system for Bitcoin-farms;

selection of the taxation system for miners of cryptocurrency;

the selection of the taxation system for the traders of the cryptocurrency;

creation of the correct legal model of Blockhain-projects;

legal support of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) companies;

the analysis of international jurisdictions and the selection of the best jurisdiction for the registration of an ICO company;

preparation of AML (Anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) policies;

preparation of a policy of confidentiality, compliance with the terms of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation);

preparation of necessary legal documents for the sale of tokens;

preparation of documents that regulate the compliance of buyers of tokens (rules, instructions, regulations, other);

development of Legal Opinion for the listing of tokens on commercial-exchanges;

development of the correct legal status of the cryptocurrency funds;

development of the legal model of tokens with the purpose of their sale as licensed keys for a software;

support of the company's re-regression in the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) in order to issue tokens that have signs of securities.

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Viktoria Yaroshenko, a student of the National University "Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise", allTax specialist in tax planning and tax optimization. She is fluent in Ukrainian and English.

Kirichok Yaroslav, a student at the National University "Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise", a tax adviser «allTax».

Sereda Victor in 1986 graduated from the Moscow State University named after VN Lomonosov. Expert in tax law and corporate security business. In 2006 he defended his thesis and received the degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences. Practical experience in law practice for over 30 years. Since 2008 - he received a certificate of the lawyer and the right to engage in the practice of law. Author of numerous publications. Managing Partner «allTax» law firm.

International Tax Review (World Tax) about Artem Sereda: "Artem Sereda - a transfer pricing expert with vast experience in tax law".

Legal 500 EMEA about Artem Sereda: "at allTax, Artem Sereda and Victor Sereda, who 'have the practical experience to lead any case', handled a $ 200, 000 tax dispute for a Unrainian import-export company".

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 Artem Sereda is a leading expert of allTax in tax law and litigation.

Experience: 15 years experience of legal practice and 9 years experience as attorney at law.

Education and trainings: National Law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise, 2001-2006.

Sophia Antipolis Universite d'Ete, Nice, France, 2013.

Internships: one of the winners of the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program, received the right to pass internship in the Canadian Parliament, and in 2004, he passed internship as a legal assistant in the Member of the Canadian Parliament Pierre Poilievre.

In the spring of 2006 Artem Sereda was included in the delegation from Ukraine and visited the Kingdom of Sweden together with the Ukrainian delegation as a part of the exchange program on the implementation of reforms between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Sweden.

Spoken languages: English, French, Russian, Ukrainian.

Recognition: one of the five best lawyers of Ukraine in criminal law according to  the edition "Legal Practice", nominated for a "Legal Award".

The author of the comments: BBC, 1+1, chanel Inter, STB, ICTV, UBR,chanel Ukraina, chanel 112, chanel 24, Hromadske TV, chanel Kiev ", newspaper " Facts ","Segodnya "," Vesti ","Ukrainska Pravda".

Membership in organizations: Council of Lawyers of the city of Kiev.

Key practices: tax law, transfer pricing, litigation.


• Changes in British corporate law. The use of LP and LLP in the tax planning.

• Transfer pricing for importers and exporters. Current issues of court practice. The impact of arbitrage practice on transfer pricing on exporters and importers.

• Tax practice: application of the decisions of the European Court on Human Rights in the procedure of the appealing of the decisions of tax authorities.

• Practical recommendations in land disputes. How to protect your right for a land in a court. How to protect yourself from illegal encroachment of state bodies and prosecutors.

Expertise and experience:

• Protection of the interests of the company GST (Global Training Systems) and its founder Robert Fletcher in the criminal case concerning the fraud in especially large amounts (Part 4 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The amount of claims of the state were more than 80 (eighty) million euros. After years of pre-trial investigation, court hearings, the case was returned from the court to the police for an additional investigation. The accused R. Fletcher was released on bail.

• Protection of private interests in the criminal case of Sanday Adelaja ("Kings Capital"). The amount of claims from individuals and legal entities was more than 100 (one hundred million) euros.

• Protection of the interests of depositors in the case of Lyon Bank. The amount of property claims were more than 5 (five million) euros.

• Protection of the interests of depositors in the Elita-Center case. The number of victims exceeds 1000 people. The total amount of claims exceeds 384 million hrivnas.

• Legal protection of the interests of the company (one of the leaders in the supplement of thermal energy) in a dispute with the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate on the abolition of fines for a total amount 1.3 million hryvnias.

• Legal protection of a company in the energy sector of the economy regarding a litigation with OJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine regarding a property dispute worth 3 million hrivnas.

Successful results:

• Victory in the court of appeal of the oponents the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Military Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine in the dispute over a land plot of 640 hectares (the cost of land is more than 300 million hrivnas) in the resort region of Ukraine.

• Victory in the court of appeal of the prosecutor's office in a court dispute over a land plot of 40 hectares of land. The cost of the land is more than 2 million hryvnia.

• Victory over the opponent - Raiffeisen Leasing Aval concerning the labor dispute.

• Victory in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine over the opponent - the State Tax Service in the court tax dispute for the abolition of fines in the amount of more than 2.5 million hrivnas.

• Victory in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine over the opponent - the State Fiscal Service in the court tax dispute for the abolition of fines in the amount of 1 million hrivnas.

Pro bono (charity): the competition "Student of the Year", which is held annually for students of higher educational institutions of the fourth level of accreditation with a prize fund of one thousand American dollars.

The «allTax» clients are representatives of large, medium and small businesses. There are many Ukrainian and foreign companies among those whom we provide services. Our system of management and a narrow tax specialization allows us to provide high quality services. We created our own system of values on the base of practical experience. We adhere to the rules of professional ethics and confidentiality. Information about our clients, provided services and results can not be discloused. We can name our clients with their written permission only.

Together we can reach higher goals!

 allTax lawyers can be characterized as very fast in decision-making and execution of tasks in the shortest time. Boris Udin, Dargez

 allTax partners are best in negotiations. They can excellently hear clients' needs and goals. It helps to reduce the process of the creation of huge investing processes. Gegham Khamenaryan, LNK Group 

allTax legal and tax advisers are excellent in banking law. They have high level of credibility. That is why we can recommend them as a reliable partners. Olena Chernyavskaya, City Commerce Bank

allTax lawyers made the due diligence  of risks of arbitration possibility in national economic courts of Ukraine and the International Commercial Court at the Chamber of Commerce for debts’ collection from counterparts. «Tesa tape Kft.» got highly qualified legal advises regarding collection of debts on the base of purchase-sale and delivery contracts during the cooperation with allTax legal and tax advisers. Svitlana Artamonova, Tasa tape Kft.

allTax has a strong litigation practice and strong lawyers able to achieve positive results for clients. In allTax there is a positive atmosphere and a team spirit. This is felt when communicating with partners of allTax. Strong leaders and a strong team. Anna Rubanova, Volodymyr-Volynsk Teplo Komun Energo

allTax legal and tax advisers has built a legally effective system of protection of our company from unfriendly "raider’s seizure" of real estate assets, skillfully conducted a set of legal measures in the court. As a consequence, a positive result was achieved for our company, the "raider’s attack" on a large real estate object was successfully terminated. Roman Pashkevich, Olytske RPT

Due to the professional actions of the experts of allTax legal and tax advisers’, the company managed to return 0.5 million hryvnias. The refund procedure took less than two months. We consider this result to be excellent. When solving this problem, allTax legal and tax advisers’ team recommended themselves as high-level professionals capable to solve difficult tasks in negotiations with banks. They are perfect in the courts of different instances as well. Fedor Vorobiev, Oil Hause

The provided services give us a possibility to say that allTax company has highly qualified lawyers, able to react quickly to the assigned tasks. We recommend Artem Sereda, a partner of the company allTax legal and tax advisers as an expert in the field of intellectual property law, protection of rights for domain names, trademarks for goods and services. We recommend Victor Sereda as an expert in the field of tax law, taxation of hosting’s providers and domain name registrars. Vladimir Andrushchenko, 101

While searching a reliable lawyer in the field of litigation, we changed several law firms, and stopped our choice at allTax legal and tax advisers. I note that the litigation dispute was complicated and continued for several years. allTax completed the litigation dispute within two months and received a quick victory in a court. Igor Gerey, Sokyrnitsky Zeolit

During 5 years period the allTax’s team demonstrated good results and excellent knowledge in real estate and tax law. The legal advisers of allTax helped us and some of our clients to find correct solutions for some difficult issues. We received constructive legal advises regarding the purchase and sale of real estate, rent payments, taxation, registration of real estate, investment in real estate and the protection of intellectual property rights. Terry Pickard, Pickard Real Estate and Assets Services

We note the ability of employees of allTax legal and tax advisers to perform the tasks in short time intervals. However, the quality of services was maintained on a high level. The company's experts have deep knowledge in the field of tax law and legislation which regulates the trade of solid, liquid, gaseous fuels, retail trade of fuels, transportation of oil’ and petroleum’ products, and their sale. Anatoly Trushkov, Vip Oil Ltd.

I express gratitude to allTax company legal and tax advisers for provided tax advises and assistance in appealing against fiscal fines. We recommend allTax legal and tax advisers to the participants of the grain’s market, grain traders, exporters, importers and farmers. Natalia Saenko, Sonata Ukraine